And the Beat Goes On!

The weather changed into its winter wet cycle here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon a bit over a month ago but, believe it or not, we are still busy in the kitchen processing our farm partners’ harvests!

This week we processed over 200 pounds of garden huckleberries, making a deep rich culinary syrup. Sure, you could use it on pancakes, but it shines in making beverages. One of the Can-Do kitchen staff started dreaming of a kind of mojito….we’ll have to get her recipe.  We expect another 500 pounds of the berries after this weekend so there will be plenty of syrup for everyone!

Thanksgiving last week was a time to pause and think of all we have accomplished this year. Tied to the harvest, we very much feel blessed with living here in this fertile area. Here is a list of all we prepared this season:




And even now, as we enter the slower time of year, we are busy in the Test Kitchen developing some new concepts.  We have seen that many of the people who purchase our products really enjoy cooking, so with them in mind we are developing some specialized recipes that will cut down cooking prep time. Just to tease you a bit, we have been asked by Creo Chocolate, the Portland chocolatier who supplies the 73% chocolate for our dessert sauces, to develop a mole sauce.  This will enable you to have all the ingredients you need to add to your broth and your protein. Very affordable and our focus group thought it was just the right mix of heat and sweet.

Until then, enjoy the treats you have purchased…..come see us at the McMinnville Grange Farmers’ Market Saturday, December 10 from 10-2 to stock up your pantry, find some wonderful items to enhance the holiday meals and festivities, and perhaps even pick up something to gift to someone special.


5 Replies to “And the Beat Goes On!”

  1. Wow! Wow! and just Wow!

    And that’s the first time I’ve used that exclamatory with it being non reference to the way out there cabinet nominations. >

    1. Thanks… you probably know, many are small batches. The jam we made with the gooseberries was probably our smallest—-about 2 dozen jars….but it also sold out the fastest!!

  2. Found your blog after reading a comment on Mavis Butterfield’s blog–One Hundred Dollars a Month. When I read your comment I was so hoping you were in the Eugene area. What a great enterprise you’ve got going!

    1. I really enjoy Mavis’ posts and admire her daily effort! We originally hoped to move to Corvallis but housing costs were too high. So very happy to be in McMinnville…what a beautiful area. As for Can-Do, I need to be cloned and this kind of service located about every 40 miles in the Willamette Valley.

      1. You are right about needing to be cloned! And right about McMinnville being a beautiful area. Keep up the good work!

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